Getting audience converted into customers has been as issue of analysis and attention to every business organization. The sole motto of business is service of customers. But what if there is no potential customer? Find out how to seed and grow your customers.

  1. Attention to the Customers:When the marketing plans hit the potential customers at right time, overwhelming response from customers are received. It is as important as marketing to interact and lead customers. Ignoring Customers has been found to be discouraging activity for revenue growth.
  2. Focal Point:Big giant including Facebook have mistaken many a times focusing on what the organization wants. It is a blunder to neglect customer’s demands. A successful business model focuses on what customers want. Improving and improvising product is a lead in customer acquisition.
  3. Analytical Statistics:Statistics about how many new customers signed up at your service, logged in again or paid for your service/product is totally unsuitable for the growth model. You might observe a Hockey shaped graph but comparing this growth model against investment and working capital will prove the truth coming out. It needs to implement modern methodologies such as smoke test, etc.

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