Technology has been into exploring mind since many decades now. Brain has been the subject of the most attention in the sciences. How a person behaves, acts and spends its life, inhabiting numerous habits. Brain was first brought into physical sciences when it was found to have emanating electrical signals. The signals which are transferred into neuron synapse are electrical signals and are insulated by mycelin. For our advantage somehow, mycelin is not a pure insulator and hence lets some electrical signals leak out.
Scientists felt very fortunate of this fact and tried to tune up with these signals. Now with the advent of time the problems got solutions and consequently the signal accuracy and precision are better than what it was initially.
The technology that deals with interfacing of brain with computer is called BCI or Brain Computer interface. BCI is more like a channel between a computer and brain. Hence, we can send signals from brain to computer while vice verse hasn’t proved to be so true. BCI has been also associated with Neuroprosthetics where an impaired body can be cured of the impairment. Making possible for blinds to see, deaf to hear are some the instances that have been successfully tested.
The neuroprosthetic device works as a the impaired part and makes life easier.
The BCI was best being into controversies when Neuralink was launched. Neuralink claims that it will store memory of brain and transfer the memory into other living beings. While the project is in development right now we can only assume it as dead feeling alive in other beings or other beings taking advantages of dead’s experiences. It may also prove helpful in removing bad memories or fear factors from one’s mind.

P.S. Valuable brains of Zuckerburg and Gates might prove to be useful at open source,somehow.


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