There has been a lot of fuzz about the SpaceX launching Roadster into space.  Owner of the Tesla Motors became “Starman” overnight. It is noteworthy to know that government contributes to 0% in any of the expenditures in this outer space mission. And the fact the mission being solely privately funded is as amazing as fascinating.

Having being said all about the mission what could be the possible reason for Musk to invest such incredible time in a crazy idea. We had been analyzing different angles of the picture. Musk has been  a man of determination all his life and he had his dream of colonizing Mars, which is one of the most crucial reason for SpaceX Roadster flying in space.
Reports say its might be a move to search for alien object though it is supposed to be just a hoax.
Lastly, which sounds the most obvious of all- it is a publicity stunt. Practically it is taken as best marketing strategy for how everyone now knows about Tesla Motors, its tremendously powered electric cars and Elon Musk. And it would be more appropriate to say Musk made a great investment in Marketing!

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