There has been a lot of fuss about bitcoins these days. Whilst bitcoins have been hitting their highest values a new trend of cryptocurrency has become prevalent.
It is really fascinating to know if you invested $100 in 2009 in Bitcoins you would have become a billionaire by now. Behind this amazing fact exists a mechanism of blockchains that governs the very existence of Bitcoins. Blockchains may be considered as a metro train having several coaches in itself connected as one with other. An individual coach here has information related to transactions and connection address of the previous coach. The coaches don’t add upto the train again and again all by themselves. There are these people called miners(Bitcoin miners) who solve a mathematical problem using some algorithm and a new block(coach) is added in the blockchain. In return the miners are awarded for solving problem with 20BTC(Bitcoins).
For those who have made up their mind to invest in Bitcoins- there are several ways to invest in Bitcoins. Being a Miner is very impressive way to earn money. But it is never recommended for beginners to be a miner.
Selling and buying bitcoins proves to be beneficial when the investment is consistent. Commercially selling products in exchange for bitcoins is also profitable job.
But will it lead to earnings if you invest in bitcoins right now? yes. The value of Bitcoin is at its peak and is expected to rise over a few years. The cause for this rise is demand in market for the bitcoins, the more the demand- more is its value. It is estimated that by 2020 all the blockchain would be complete and will reach its limit. Since the demand would diminish at this time and hence value will apparently drop to 0!.
Hence, investing in Bitcoins is great deal until its too late.
Apart from Bitcoins there are other alternatives to Bitcoins- Ripple coin, Altcoin etc. You may try hands on with them too.

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