The reality being augmented! what could that possibly mean?
The adding up of virtual objects to the real world is called augmented reality.
The augmented reality is modified or enhanced reality and is present almost everywhere in today’s world in the form of smartphones,tablets etc.
The augmented reality makes it easier to carry out tasks that won’t have been possible in the physical world and which can now be done by the virtue of virtual world.
There are categories/methodologies for how augmentation may be performed.
Encoded Images: Encoded images may be put on the real-time objects which being scanned by a smartphone or camera would turn into the true Object representation. E.g. QR Code
Or it may be augmented by Projector support: where projection is meant to establish interaction with the humans. You may have heard of Circlet-a bracelet that projects your smartphone onto your wrist so that you don’t have to take it our from your pocket.
And its final form a 3D/2D image may turn out as a superimposed form on the real image. It is the same manner as amazon services provide to check out how furniture looks in your home or how frames look on you face by Lenskart, even in surgical and training industry, AR has proved to be a Strongman!

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