There was a lot of buzz the time Elon Musk tweeted an indication for how machines are going to affect the generations to come. The autonomous bots of Facebook group turned out to be a bad experiment when they started talking among each other in an absurd way.
Sophia is in such a great hype as Saudi Arabia gave away citizenship to the world’s first fully developed Human Droid under a socio-tech experiment. The robot was tested and it was terrifying to know what its knowledge base held- the instincts for the destruction of humankind. Such are the instances from the present world that emphasis on reconsideration over the intelligence artificially being imparted to machines.
Also, with the advent of IoT(Internet of Things) and its influence over Networking, Cloud Computing and Data Science, machines can talk and act in a friendly yet efficient manner. That doubles up the hazard as indicated by the famous Tesla owner brainiac.
The most relevant thought supporting this assumption is extraordinary abilities of bots and droids to learn and remember things. Bots evolve over simulations and training. When the heights of such factors are reached and a saturation point is met but the bots still want more of it- Humans are the prey. Machines have their limits no matter how evolved and evoluted they are. This is the thriller of the whole story, the unending binge of knowledge and data is the principle of existence of Bots and destruction of human race.
Humans are integrated with nature in effect to learn, practice and get perfection using various stimuli. Humans never stop to learn and the area they deal with is the nature itself. Bots will be using human brain and provide external stimuli and store the response from the brain to develop new algorithms and bring perfection to their operational practices.
When Internet comes into role, a world similar to Skynet of “The terminator” proves out to be a true image of future world.
Hence the survival is possible only when you are smart enough to trick extraordinarily smart machines!

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